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Every successful leather article begins with a carefull study of the needs and design of each piece.
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Leather is the main ingredient and its selection is crucial in order to avoid any imperfections which are not natural of the skin of each animal.
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After patterns are created, they are cut by hand using a sharp stencil or "chavetin".
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Using a specially designed tool named the "chaveta", the edges of most leather pieces are thinned in order to enhance their folding ability. This greatly improves both the look and function of the piece.
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The application of glue is also done by hand adding both strength and durability.
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After the previous steps have been accomplished some basic assembly can take place.
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One of the most distinguishing features of the manufacturing process in Ubrique has to do with our ability to elaborate each piece entirely by hand. Here the edges are being folded in order to maintain the integrity of this unique craftsmanship.
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After the initial assembly, pieces then can be sewn together using industrial machines.
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Many different types of accessories are used to embellish and dress each article they are assembled and placed by hand.
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Minor details, such as the edges and corners, are painted to enhance the final beauty of the piece.
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Although not entirely necessary, this step involving the characteristic wooded "esteca" is used to enhance the look of the final piece as well as secure the glued and sewn edges.
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Finally, each piece is inspected to insure that all details have been meticulously cared for. Then, the piece is wrapped and packaged, providing each client a genuinely hand crafted eather article.

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